Niihau and Napali Boat Tours

Niihau and Napali Boat Tours

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Let us help you choose the excursion that’s best for your specific budget, location, time considerations, and priorities. Our boats and tour itineraries are unique, but we assure you that they are all fabulous in their own ways and will certainly leave you with a glow on your skin, a smile on your face, a better understanding of Kauai Island, Niihau Island, and Lehua Crater’s beautiful landscapes, fabulous pictures, and cherished lifelong memories!

For guests interested in sailing, our catamaran Leila is the vessel of choice. Leila is as efficient as she is beautiful and consistently carries our guests comfortably and safely at speeds of 8-12 knots. What a sensational feeling to be cruising along the magnificent Napali Coast by the power of the wind alone! Leila makes a sightseeing and sailing trip up the Napali Coast every morning that includes breakfast, lunch, and snorkeling—perfect for families. In the afternoons, Leila takes on a more romantic vibe and heads up the Napali Coast again for dinner, Niihau Snorkeling drinks, sailing, and sightseeing during the golden hours.

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